Ninja is unstoppable on Kog'Maw

14 mar. 2021
170 159 Vizionare

Ninja is unstoppable on Kog'Maw
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  • Noobs plays ad kog'maw. Ap is better

    Tove kortelahtiTove kortelahtiAcum 9 Zile
  • play fortnite

    Abel SanchezAbel SanchezAcum 29 Zile
  • Eh, lol is fun to watch, but looks like it's too much. I'll stick to valorant.

    Cason GrayCason GrayAcum lună
  • My brother plays this

    Jake MorrisJake MorrisAcum lună
  • He's looking for views so hard. 😟😟😟 I'm surprised his GF ain left him, we all know why that's why she's with him

    William DeMarsWilliam DeMarsAcum lună
  • He's fell off SOOOOOOOO BAD

    William DeMarsWilliam DeMarsAcum lună
  • title is bait

    Tihomir VidarkinskiTihomir VidarkinskiAcum lună
  • Why does he look dead 🤭 I’m kinda getting worried

    I’m madI’m madAcum lună
  • unstoppable with 11 deaths

    AleEZAleEZAcum lună
  • ninja should play shen

    EvjmteEvjmteAcum lună
  • نينجا♥️

    جلكسيلجلكسيلAcum lună
  • Your KogMaw is cleaan

    Ivailo IvanovIvailo IvanovAcum lună
  • 22mil Subs and only 150th Views...oh my..

    SK ygSK ygAcum lună
  • Yo ninja can I get a shout-out

    Maximus BrownMaximus BrownAcum lună
  • It pains me to see him jump in to target thresh and others and right there lol

    Ashwin ParapuramAshwin ParapuramAcum lună
  • Fortnite bro😢

    Ferveil CTFerveil CTAcum lună
  • Love how everyone cares about ninjas views for some reason, like he left fortnite of course all the people who only loved his fortnite content isnt going to watch this. But anyways try playing paladins since you're playing more moba type games.

    Poisonous DrinkPoisonous DrinkAcum lună
  • I rember when u was on masked singer u should have won vs that ladybug lookin thang

    zee zee the banana cowzee zee the banana cowAcum lună
  • Damn Ninja’s views have dropped BIG TIME

    Bobby FischerBobby FischerAcum lună
  • Plz we all miss your fortnite videos

    _ L.F.C __ L.F.C _Acum lună
  • Calling all new ROworldrs!! We got this!! 💪🏻✨ we are all in this together!

    Ace FraggingAce FraggingAcum lună

    Arpon DasArpon DasAcum lună
  • ninja

    Los amigochosLos amigochosAcum lună
  • :(

    Los amigochosLos amigochosAcum lună
  • Ninja can you please play fortnite the new season came out there's a Krups no broken stuff and all the weapons are from save the world

    TuckerTuckerAcum lună
    • Most the weapons are broken tf?

      Akill3rAkill3rAcum lună
  • Plz go back to Fort nite

    Victor MontielVictor MontielAcum lună
  • Another example of a dying channel

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua ThompsonAcum lună
  • Ma man has his own fucking skin in the most famous game in the world and doesnt even play it

    Game GamerzGame GamerzAcum lună
  • why don´t you play Fortnite anymore

    Los amigochosLos amigochosAcum lună
  • Lol 26 million subs and 100k views for a video. Sad

    Chad GamesChad GamesAcum lună

    Ahnaf PlayzAhnaf PlayzAcum lună
    • @AV.RR.PRO yeah

      Ahnaf PlayzAhnaf PlayzAcum lună
    • fortnite ass

      AV.RR.PROAV.RR.PROAcum lună
  • Ninja give r6 a try

    GuoisinsaneGuoisinsaneAcum lună
  • Lay off the meth and cocaine for your health

    T CalT CalAcum lună
  • IMiss old ninja 💔

    S HS HAcum lună
  • Fotnite

  • Mantap

    XwX fluzzXwX fluzzAcum lună
  • Damn bro no new fortnite season gameplay?😔

    Mr.Coronel17Mr.Coronel17Acum lună
  • When will Ninja play fortnite Season 6

    Phoenix PowerPhoenix PowerAcum lună
  • You are the worst

    axeryaxeryAcum lună
  • come back to fortnite pls

    Gaming StavyaGaming StavyaAcum lună
  • Pls play fortnite there’s a new season

    Mr RoastbeefMr RoastbeefAcum lună
  • Ninja plz come back to fortnite the new season is awesome

    Safwan BadriSafwan BadriAcum lună
  • Hey ninja I have too watched u but u don’t look so gud as before. Pls take some time off if u want to but pls be the old ninja again

    8th maths8th mathsAcum lună
  • Please react to the new Fortnite battle pass :(

    Savage EvanSavage EvanAcum lună
  • can you speaking arabia?

    ommar gamingommar gamingAcum lună
  • Can I add you on for nite

    randhawa kiranrandhawa kiranAcum lună
  • Since when does he play league?

    BignibbaBignibbaAcum lună
  • Season 6 is out. Do you care

    Big BenBig BenAcum lună
  • I'm Japanese but I really respect him. Please do your best. Some time ago, the Japanese distributor was Ninja-san. Was posted. I wanted you to get great nutrition ... I don't know the condition of the ninja at the moment, but Japanese people want the ninja to be more active than they are now. Please do your best.

    ろぜ 基本スプラキル集投稿者ろぜ 基本スプラキル集投稿者Acum lună
  • League looks so different since I played last I'm actually amazed

    icyhotnipplesicyhotnipplesAcum lună
  • Look at your views in fortnite videos and views on this.

    RRRRAcum lună
    • Agreed ninja is not my fav utuber he should do fortnight vids

      Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • Lmao ninja

    Habie HabraHabie HabraAcum lună
  • You kill everyone!?

  • Pley cob mobile

    nisreen muftahnisreen muftahAcum lună
  • and you are a good fortnight player

    каратель страхакаратель страхаAcum lună
  • pogchampy ninja

    Aleksander pAleksander pAcum lună
  • i think ninja has given up on fortniye

    TipTipAcum lună
    • Yes I am 😭

      Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • He don't get to much comments and views

    sharknesssharknessAcum lună
  • pls play fortnite :(

    marvellino daniel gonopranotomarvellino daniel gonopranotoAcum lună
  • Play fortnite pls

    arenisnotarenisnotAcum lună
  • go play fortnite

    хопилхопилAcum lună
  • i just found out you actually look like quicksilver from x men

    sunil chsunil chAcum lună
  • He sucks at League lmao

    Christian HillChristian HillAcum lună
  • play fortnite season 6

    Aditya AnandAditya AnandAcum lună
  • Bro I miss the old fortnite days with you

    Zachs GameplaysZachs GameplaysAcum lună
  • Hi ninja i am italiano

    Edoardo GROSSOEdoardo GROSSOAcum lună
  • oh how have u fallen lol!

    Kaniel 99Kaniel 99Acum lună
  • loloujohogojdiotijxjijjhijdjxjijtjidihj

    Emy Mohd MokhtarEmy Mohd MokhtarAcum lună
  • why aren't you recording fortnite?

    • Idk

      Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • Ninja the GOAT

    Alex KlingAlex KlingAcum lună
  • Play fortnite season 6

    DJMadridDJMadridAcum lună
  • Now

    Saif azadSaif azadAcum lună
  • Fortnite you dont even get that much views no

    Saif azadSaif azadAcum lună
  • Its fortnite season 6

    Marine One GamingMarine One GamingAcum lună
  • your views went down dramatically

    GiosWrldGiosWrldAcum lună
  • Play fortnite

    Edwin TellezEdwin TellezAcum lună
  • Man ninja you are dying :( your channel is dying :(

    For_DasFor_DasAcum lună
    • Agreed

      Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • you fell off hard

    RejectRejectAcum lună
  • Ninja why you not play fortnite

    firdaus firdausfirdaus firdausAcum lună
  • Who tf still watches him bro? He's lowkey ded

    KausPausKausPausAcum lună
    • Yes

      Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • Play fortnight season 6 ninja pls

    Blue SkyeBlue SkyeAcum lună
  • Morg played teemo, I have lost all respect

    Richard ClarksonRichard ClarksonAcum lună
  • There’s is a live event in fornite already Edit: pls like

    li yanli yanAcum lună
  • So fortnite officially died ??

    Nick AriasNick AriasAcum lună

    Some Weird Dude On The InternetSome Weird Dude On The InternetAcum lună
  • cmon now... start playing apex!🥲🤌

    LukeAngelesLukeAngelesAcum lună
  • Who else come to see fortnite season 6 video?

    Hasan AliHasan AliAcum lună
  • Hey ninja do u remember when u said "the f u said to me u little sh"

    Pedro NiñoPedro NiñoAcum lună
  • I subscribed UwU!

    Angel ReyesAngel ReyesAcum lună
  • Back then: 1 million per vid now: 40k views

    alunaticalunaticAcum lună
    • ninjas one video has almost 100 milion views

      Tymon TraczTymon TraczAcum 15 Zile
    • @Maestrom did I make you cry 😢

      Ashwin ParapuramAshwin ParapuramAcum 28 Zile
    • @Ashwin Parapuram shut up

      MaestromMaestromAcum lună
    • @Ashwin Parapuram 1 year later: Chad James has over 10 billion dollars, a popular profiting company, a wife, over 50 Guinness world records, richest man on earth,

      EvjmteEvjmteAcum lună
    • 150k+ is not bad lol, he is a multi millonaire, he doesnt care about views

      Ivailo IvanovIvailo IvanovAcum lună
  • Can you gift me ninja

    NetworkvilleTV TerryTenny NetworksNetworkvilleTV TerryTenny NetworksAcum lună
  • ninija why are you not playing fortnite

    Slime_GoodSlime_GoodAcum lună
  • i hope you're doing okay ninja. you dont look the same

    courtneycourtneyAcum lună
  • Hey ninja can I friend you on fortnite

    Dandre MathisDandre MathisAcum lună
  • Who is Fortnite ):

    Artur HinkoArtur HinkoAcum lună
  • Well at least he’s having fun I guess.

  • Play fortnite ninja

    Emilio EstevezEmilio EstevezAcum lună
  • Guess what guys I know ninjas name its Tyler me have alexa :)

    its lighting strikeits lighting strikeAcum lună
  • No more fortnite vids

    Angel HuertaAngel HuertaAcum lună
  • HELLOOO there's a new season in forrnite, post about it, like what are you doing?!?

    YOUmommaHAXYOUmommaHAXAcum lună