Ninja Makes Agressive Yoru Plays in Valorant

16 ian. 2021
207 845 Vizionare

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  • He looked like a nerd ninja

    Madhav MeenaMadhav MeenaAcum 21 oră
  • Why is this title made like pronhub title

    jabi is da bestjabi is da bestAcum 11 Zile
  • Next opponent: Justin

    VelocityVelocityAcum 14 Zile
  • Ninja change your hairstyle...😭😭😭

    TRAUZ.XTRAUZ.XAcum 17 Zile
  • 4:12 Me: she almost got ace

    al cabildoal cabildoAcum 18 Zile

    Miguel LlantoMiguel LlantoAcum 19 Zile
    • bruh how many times did you flash urself and your teammates. XD

      Miguel LlantoMiguel LlantoAcum 19 Zile
  • Yes valorant

    Wito ŁyżwaWito ŁyżwaAcum 19 Zile
  • Hy im addicted to valorant whats wrkbg with being addicted and ninja is still who he is he hasnt changed he just like has a choice

    Ang ParalumanAng ParalumanAcum 25 Zile
  • wei tienes que alimentarte

    Fabricio LugoFabricio LugoAcum 25 Zile
  • makes realm royale video

    Sidi isidorooSidi isidorooAcum 26 Zile
  • First half of the video Ninja vs turrent An epic battle

    PhoenixPhoenixAcum 26 Zile
  • LOL😂 and 👁👄👁

    king keepking keepAcum 29 Zile
  • Valorant is so good

    VyrusVyrusAcum lună
  • اهبل

    هديل حسام الهمصهديل حسام الهمصAcum lună
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    Walkah VlogsWalkah VlogsAcum lună
  • Awesome !

    Cold BulletsCold BulletsAcum lună
  • Fun fact: Yoru is actually a Ninja Valorant skin

    Wade The GreatWade The GreatAcum lună
  • Omg so noob

    musaja moyakinmusaja moyakinAcum lună
  • Hiko it’s barer then ninja 🤢

    Albin AxelssonAlbin AxelssonAcum lună
  • Game name

    Fayaz SayyadFayaz SayyadAcum lună
  • Ninja game ka name ky ha

    Fayaz SayyadFayaz SayyadAcum lună
    • valorant

      Amazing GamerAmazing GamerAcum lună
  • I am the real reason behind why ninja stopped playing league of legends I said him to play valorant and fortnite

    sanjaya pradhansanjaya pradhanAcum lună
  • ive played a game just like valorant called "wolf team" back in like 2014-2016its so fun

    Ahmad AlshamiAhmad AlshamiAcum lună
  • 😂😂😂😂😂👌

    [______][______]Acum lună
  • This game look CSGO

    FoxyFoxyAcum lună
  • R Te quiero ninja

  • can i have skin just knife karambit pls ty

    ethan kyle moisesethan kyle moisesAcum lună
    • :(

      ethan kyle moisesethan kyle moisesAcum lună
    • no one gonna give u :)

      Amazing GamerAmazing GamerAcum lună
  • He gained 1 mil in 2 years

    Obed CObed CAcum lună
  • bruh its kind sad he got diagnosed with ligma

    ya kingya kingAcum lună
  • Ninja I have your Merch

    Jessy Gibson JrJessy Gibson JrAcum lună
  • Liki and spain

    Maite CaravacaMaite CaravacaAcum lună
  • Fornite 😂😂🤢🤢🤢 Frefire 😘☺🌚🤩

    •BELLA• uwu•BELLA• uwuAcum lună
  • نجا كفو

    DeNjR BOY*-*DeNjR BOY*-*Acum lună
  • actualy you are playıng fortinite beter the n valorant

    kwaii zwaiikwaii zwaiiAcum lună
  • no ❤️

    hazzahazzaAcum lună
  • he clapt me in game

    Ozlem YigitolOzlem YigitolAcum lună
  • Anyone notice the player names in the thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24kOak24kOakAcum lună
  • this game is so dumb

    Joe DJoe DAcum lună
  • This suck so bad

    AmsyarOPAmsyarOPAcum lună
  • ادعموني بالمتابعة و شكرا لكم😥🙏🙏

    A M E NA M E NAcum lună
  • ادعموني بالمتابعة و شكرا لكم😥🙏🙏

    A M E NA M E NAcum lună
  • ادعموني بالمتابعة و شكرا لكم😥🙏🙏

    A M E NA M E NAcum lună
  • ادعموني بالمتابعة و شكرا لكم😥🙏🙏

    A M E NA M E NAcum lună
  • Ninja has become soo good my gawd Damnn

    AJM FTWAJM FTWAcum lună
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Lisa TaylorLisa TaylorAcum lună
  • We want you streaming again

    Lisa TaylorLisa TaylorAcum lună
  • Ninja now 🤓👨‍🏫

    Hasbi RizqiHasbi RizqiAcum lună
  • Lmaooo youre dead meat bruh

    Rage BoyRage BoyAcum lună
  • Yoru is a perfect pick for Ninja

    MagicWizurd 2MagicWizurd 2Acum lună
  • Todos hablan tacataca pero yo no hablo tacataca ninja es un fracaso no soy hate aviso

    Carlos DiazCarlos DiazAcum lună

    DDAcum lună
  • I love it my bro ninja keep up the work and I love the video 💯

    Dominic KirkwoodDominic KirkwoodAcum lună
  • "2:50" Happy to get a lot of U$C from *PG2.ONLINE*no

    Tommy KantzTommy KantzAcum lună
    • Gotta agree with you thats kinda fax tho

      DollarsisbadDollarsisbadAcum lună
  • Youre chanel has gone so much down

    Joran _Joran _Acum lună
  • Ninja fortnite name is sf90sasy game

    Salvatore gamingWGFSalvatore gamingWGFAcum lună
  • Your videos are getting boring.

    TeMIks3005TeMIks3005Acum lună
  • E A R L Y

    Pink Lucille GorlPink Lucille GorlAcum lună
  • fuckin sweat

    GamestreamerArKGamestreamerArKAcum lună
  • you used to get millions of views now you get thousands what's up with you

    bob bunkerbob bunkerAcum lună
  • This man fell off ngl

    Fam FamFam FamAcum lună
  • Why you don't play fortnite?

    Filip SenjurFilip SenjurAcum lună
  • ninja i am your biggest fan! i want to be like you when i grow up! love, james

    James SchorleJames SchorleAcum lună
  • Ninja who is best valo rant or Fortnite plsss reply

    Shourya PatilShourya PatilAcum lună
  • Hai

    Guan HanGuan HanAcum lună
  • Jor mám íz géj

    Márton VargaMárton VargaAcum lună
  • Is valorant free?

    Oliver HanyOliver HanyAcum lună
  • Who actually cares about valorant

    joe mamajoe mamaAcum lună
  • Fortnite

    asik godhrawalaasik godhrawalaAcum lună
  • 0:10 what is he say??

    Abdelrhman么Abdelrhman么Acum lună
    • Penta kill

      Lucas de AndradeLucas de AndradeAcum lună
  • fun fact only 0.5 percent of Ninjas subscribers watches this video

    SamuraiXyukSamuraiXyukAcum lună

  • I know streamers with way better content channels and lower subs ninja is just a pawn for the gamer companies to promote there game other wise this content was boring

    React 2 My ReactionReact 2 My ReactionAcum lună
  • Ninja is so fucking over rated

    React 2 My ReactionReact 2 My ReactionAcum lună
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    Aaron WallaceAaron WallaceAcum lună
  • I'm not even subscribed why the fuck am I getting notifications of his uploads

    Mariem MattoussiMariem MattoussiAcum lună
  • He fell of HARD

    Abraham RodriguezAbraham RodriguezAcum lună
  • I am your fanat with 6 seson fortnite , i am from russia and where fortnite?

    den4ikden4ikAcum lună
  • Today is the day i unsubscribe from your channel. I don't fimd your content so entertaining so bii

    Abishek K S MN-2Abishek K S MN-2Acum lună
  • Very good video

    Juan LuisJuan LuisAcum lună
  • Koçum bu fortniteta benzemez noob

    Nihat ŞanlıNihat ŞanlıAcum lună
  • في احد من متابعين نينجا يعرف يكتب عربي

    Hammam Abu Al-AmrainHammam Abu Al-AmrainAcum lună
  • نینجا ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩Ninga❤️❤️❤️

  • Ninja, my guy👉👉- isn't fucking funny 😐

    Nathan WaltersNathan WaltersAcum lună
  • ninjas lesbian aunt is really good at valorant

    Devlin GreenerDevlin GreenerAcum lună
  • What is your creator code Ninja?

    Rodrigo_79rlRodrigo_79rlAcum lună
  • Ninja Name Game

    Vasil EmilovVasil EmilovAcum lună
  • LOL funny Tyler Ninja Pro & FRIENDS funny video I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

    LitaLitaAcum lună
  • i love u Ninja

    Alex SnipeAlex SnipeAcum lună
  • Plz make fortnite

    SNMxSNMxAcum lună
  • Fortnite plz 😭

    PierożeqPierożeqAcum lună
  • Love from india

  • Coole videos 👍

    Eric BreakdanceEric BreakdanceAcum lună
  • ninja had a lifetime battle with kjs turret

    SeawalkSeawalkAcum lună
  • yo what happened to ninja

    get rektget rektAcum lună
    • Mans can’t even pass 500k views anymore

      Abraham RodriguezAbraham RodriguezAcum lună
  • ما في عرب😂

    wolf PUBGwolf PUBGAcum lună
  • Kaku style mar dis😁

  • Ninja looked like a genius with his glasses

    Xcracker PXcracker PAcum lună
  • imagine getting a shot from ninja but not imagine to get heart from ninja

    prank with Lakshyaprank with LakshyaAcum lună
  • ninja is so op player

    prank with Lakshyaprank with LakshyaAcum lună
  • [10:59] this ult is just not fair for the enemy team

    xXAbdulazizXx ARxXAbdulazizXx ARAcum lună