Ninja Pulls Of Aggressive Clutch Plays - Valorant

17 ian. 2021
343 750 Vizionare

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  • can u at least ave a little bit shorter hair

    duspyyrlduspyyrlAcum o Zi
  • Why does Ninja looks so old now

    Axl Nash AlcobaAxl Nash AlcobaAcum 5 Zile
  • di niece

    Santos JayaSantos JayaAcum 8 Zile
  • Why not just switch to playing valorant dude

    NyX DrogozNyX DrogozAcum 11 Zile
  • Tf happened to him lmfao i stopped watching in 2019 and while i was playing valorant i thought of him if he playes it He looks like a nerd at middle school now

    AccidentalGeniusAccidentalGeniusAcum 12 Zile
  • Valorant gets popular again

    HoshiguruHoshiguruAcum 14 Zile
  • Ok why does Ninja look like an actual Dad

    Rand XLRand XLAcum 14 Zile
    • Cause he is

      YOBOY KT7YOBOY KT7Acum 8 Zile
  • Love the new glasses Tyler

    Mara JaureguiMara JaureguiAcum 15 Zile
  • 10:03 lmao

    GemdustGemdustAcum 16 Zile
  • guys he has a child and is growing... he’s not gonna look the same forever.

    noodlesnoodlesAcum 17 Zile
  • this unrated?

    BloamzonFleekBloamzonFleekAcum 17 Zile
  • Jump shot wrong game 😂😂

    syndycate cassiesyndycate cassieAcum 18 Zile
  • Nomms iam pro radi

    HishamHishamAcum 18 Zile
  • Whats ninjas rank

    Abdulmalek NaseebAbdulmalek NaseebAcum 18 Zile
  • 10:03 is this what life is about :( IM STILL TEN

    Kiwi & Peachee TeKiwi & Peachee TeAcum 19 Zile
    • Wtf was that

      Muhammad AtharMuhammad AtharAcum 9 Zile
  • Still toxic I see

    pat searypat searyAcum 19 Zile
  • so basically cs go

    jarod gonzalezjarod gonzalezAcum 22 Zile
  • Lol is this clutch ? 😂😂

    landstalkerlandstalkerAcum 23 Zile
  • Boosted lol

    CaidexCaidexAcum 23 Zile
  • This is ninja when he looks like a grandpa

    Mehul KhatriMehul KhatriAcum 23 Zile
  • Hola. Nini

    joaquin dorcejoaquin dorceAcum 23 Zile
  • Should've blurred that guys self promote at the end

    Ricky OrellanaRicky OrellanaAcum 23 Zile
  • lol ninja is a rager for no reason

    ArchiezArchiezAcum 24 Zile
    • mmm idk first time watching ninja is killjoy his main?

      ArchiezArchiezAcum 24 Zile
  • Who realized that in the first game, the teams were the same

    Gutty_HoopsGutty_HoopsAcum 24 Zile
    • Oh wait nvm

      Gutty_HoopsGutty_HoopsAcum 24 Zile
  • the blake joke made laugh lol

    yergransdugyergransdugAcum 25 Zile
  • Eat rice.

    底辺ユーチューバーただの底辺ユーチューバーただのAcum 26 Zile
  • Good hustle

    Benjamin RichardBenjamin RichardAcum 26 Zile
  • Ninja: gets more views in minutes than I’ll get in my life

    Wicked ManWicked ManAcum 26 Zile
  • 8:08 Cool molley lineups at

    kek wkek wAcum 27 Zile
  • me rn *lets se if theres a fortnite kid in the commets that says play more fortnite then valorant valorant trash* enyone els also trying to find a fortnite kid in the commets?

    TenZ JRTenZ JRAcum 28 Zile
  • lmao diamond shitter

    Josh GJosh GAcum 28 Zile
  • dude take a break, you look like you don't sleep

    MUCH_MUCH_Acum 28 Zile
    • Nah Fr dude looks like he gets 3 hrs of sleep

      haden.haden.Acum 24 Zile
  • Pls valor

    Ang ParalumanAng ParalumanAcum 28 Zile
  • Can y’all tell production went down from his videos? And he’s boring af or it’s just this game and he not playing with Big Name people

    Tanner _142Tanner _142Acum 28 Zile
  • More valorant plz

    Jake KrileyJake KrileyAcum 28 Zile
  • “Where’s balakae at” “uM iTs BlAkE”

    Jake KrileyJake KrileyAcum 28 Zile
  • Ninja can you do more valor ant videos plz

    Faisal AnsariFaisal AnsariAcum 29 Zile
  • This guy is such a memelmao

    Lynnxx GamingLynnxx GamingAcum 29 Zile
  • Ninja is turning into grandpa ninja with those glasses

    Reagen SquiresReagen SquiresAcum 29 Zile
  • lol ninja bad

    TTVDarkDreamsTTVDarkDreamsAcum lună
  • :)

    Arun RajbhandariArun RajbhandariAcum lună
  • Looks like XQC

    Villagrans Pit StopVillagrans Pit StopAcum lună
  • more valorant BRUH.

    kick masterkick masterAcum lună
  • No hablo taka taka :v

    Kevin GachatuberKevin GachatuberAcum lună
  • 24 mill subs and not even a mill views sad...

    GMX_ ziggy_11GMX_ ziggy_11Acum lună
  • Views dropped significantly jesus

    M GrayM GrayAcum lună
  • how does he get uglier every year

    germgermAcum lună
  • This game is shit . Quake champions is way better and less bs

    EndZiielEndZiielAcum lună
  • Why does ninja looks like a granny when he puts in glasses

    CrazyParthCrazyParthAcum lună

    Afghanking1Afghanking1Acum lună
  • Eu editei isso vocês nunca vão saber oq eu escrevi

  • Have a good day ALL! If you want MORE content come watch!! ALSO I’m wanting to START 100$ giveaways to my SUBS every other DAY!! BUT I need your help 😎

    Walkah VlogsWalkah VlogsAcum lună
  • The hair and the glasses make you look 70

    Stitch!Stitch!Acum lună
  • Ninja I can’t believe you done this to Albert he was my favorite ROworldr and you had to kill him i’m so mad at you you’re the worst you tuber why did you have to kill him

    Ethan XP ContentEthan XP ContentAcum lună
    • Get a life maybe?

      ッElixirッElixirAcum lună
  • I’m disliking all your videos

    Ethan XP ContentEthan XP ContentAcum lună
  • Why did you kill Albert

    Ethan XP ContentEthan XP ContentAcum lună
  • Ninja why have you done this to Albert

    Ethan XP ContentEthan XP ContentAcum lună
  • Is this ninja

    Ethan XP ContentEthan XP ContentAcum lună
  • worst

    Elliot BjörnellElliot BjörnellAcum lună
  • Little bit of key and peele with my valorant

    Anthony ManzkeAnthony ManzkeAcum lună
  • ดีคับ

    DS น่ารักDS น่ารักAcum lună
  • yesss ninjå is back

    Edward NharnEdward NharnAcum lună
  • Ninja 2017 your trash kid Ninja 2021 GG bros

    Poptart_123Poptart_123Acum lună
  • Sub to the The Neighborhood Boys it should be first one to pop up, its a orange T.

    Nj SNj SAcum lună
  • Sub to the The Neighborhood Boys it should be first one to pop up, its a orange T.

    Nj SNj SAcum lună
  • Sub to the The Neighborhood Boys it should be first one to pop up, its a orange T.

    Nj SNj SAcum lună
  • Sub to the The Neighborhood Boys it should be first one to pop up, its a orange T.

    Nj SNj SAcum lună
  • Sub to the The Neighborhood Boys it should be first one to pop up, its a orange T.

    Nj SNj SAcum lună
    • Stfu

      Joshua ToroJoshua ToroAcum lună
  • you look like Toby Maguire

    Karvin UyKarvin UyAcum lună
  • Follow up me for more

    Omkar NarvekarOmkar NarvekarAcum lună
  • It's a good question. When he'll grow up?

    DaimisDaimisAcum lună
  • Ninja Becamed G A Y M E R

    DaimisDaimisAcum lună
  • I love Valorant and lova ninja. IS 2 IN 1

    Kuba B.Kuba B.Acum lună
  • trash

    LowkiLowkiAcum lună
  • ninja halo

    nugitsACEnugitsACEAcum lună
  • I'm gonna said it. It is just a game

    Coba RenCoba RenAcum lună
  • tylrer ninja blev

    29 skyler29 skylerAcum lună
  • Im.not one to judge but ninja is everything ok.. I followed u for yours but you seem off brother.. hope all is good remember people some people go through pain in silence.. don't be quick to throw words.. wakanda

    NighthawkwalkerNighthawkwalkerAcum lună
  • okay ninja can you lax up on the crack using you aren’t hiding it well enough😭😭 jk all love

    Young RocckkYoung RocckkAcum lună
  • Anyone else notice that he spelled aggressive differently in this video and he last

    DV_04DV_04Acum lună
  • Ninjas glasses tho 🥵 🤓

    YoYoKadenYoYoKadenAcum lună
  • Can you play Fortnite Again Please

    aulon ajvaziaulon ajvaziAcum lună
  • Your Spanish is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Buen video crack eres el mejor

    RextgameTvRextgameTvAcum lună
  • Hi ninja

    Ginger gamer / ginger vloggerGinger gamer / ginger vloggerAcum lună
  • Lol

    AtoMiiK ZKAtoMiiK ZKAcum lună
  • Where is beast??

    guy van hoydonckguy van hoydonckAcum lună
  • Can you please play fortnite i think you wont even see this comment 🥺🥺

    Luke StockerLuke StockerAcum lună
  • بزودی نینجا توسط صادق حاک میشود

    God ANFGod ANFAcum lună
  • Hola hablo Español

    Axel Mendez QuirosAxel Mendez QuirosAcum lună
  • no te entendi ni verga no se ingles

    Yastyn CarrilloYastyn CarrilloAcum lună
  • Look at my vid this kid thinks he’s you ninja lol

    FeelingLinc PFeelingLinc PAcum lună
  • Ninja esto ni lo entenderas 🤣🤣🤣🤣 la vaca lola

    Joaquin ChavezJoaquin ChavezAcum lună
  • I get you skin

    Ken De ClercqKen De ClercqAcum lună
  • Bro y don't u play fortnite any more did u quit plz answer 😊

    Jamal SiddiquiJamal SiddiquiAcum lună
  • Hola ninja todo bien en casa bro como lo has pasado en esta cuarentena

    Chita OchoaChita OchoaAcum lună
  • 1 ablo español 2 es te wey tiene 24millos de Sud y yo no sabía de su existencia

    tu alienígenatu alienígenaAcum lună
  • se ce ninja abla es pañol es lose

    jostin gamerjostin gamerAcum lună
  • Ninja : Ur trash kid POV me : everytime I kill I say 'ur trash kid'

    Rakhi SharmaRakhi SharmaAcum lună
  • I found your ex phoebe

    House IpadHouse IpadAcum lună