These Sneaky Cypher plays get you Radiant in Valorant

18 mar. 2021
121 524 Vizionare

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  • Nice

    iam NEXT TWOiam NEXT TWOAcum o Zi
  • 🔥🥵

    DryerkarmaDryerkarmaAcum 20 Zile
  • well u suck man

    ajay hulmaniajay hulmaniAcum 25 Zile
  • The ending was clean.

    Montasir AlomMontasir AlomAcum 28 Zile
  • Play fornite please a miss old ninja 😔🙁😖😖😭👑

    Emmanuel GomezEmmanuel GomezAcum lună
  • Can u guys be happy with ninja he’s happy with valo like get the fak out of here if your kid like fornite that game is dead

    Christian Rei ArizalaChristian Rei ArizalaAcum lună
  • Ninja play csgo pls bro blss

    Yasin BiraYasin BiraAcum lună
  • 😆🔥🔥🔥🔥

    한설_한설_Acum lună
  • You have such a big ego

    Devkanth RaoDevkanth RaoAcum lună
  • Man this dude channel just died

    SkyH23SkyH23Acum lună
  • this dude looks so damn unhealthy compared when he blew up

    Bacon Is GoodBacon Is GoodAcum lună
    • Cuz he took off the headband.

      Easy DreamsEasy DreamsAcum lună
  • Ninja look at your views

    HyperNinja :::HyperNinja :::Acum lună
  • I am sorry to say ninja your dead after you left fortnite

    HyperNinja :::HyperNinja :::Acum lună
  • Play fortnite

    stunning blow gamingstunning blow gamingAcum lună
  • Play Fortnite

    Emilio EstevezEmilio EstevezAcum lună
  • Like your hair cut

    ProgamertvProgamertvAcum lună
  • Talk your talk Ninja lol 😂💪🏼😊

    ALfiemanxxx96 gaming j channel Figueroa7ALfiemanxxx96 gaming j channel Figueroa7Acum lună

  • Y un pendego

    Jesus PozosJesus PozosAcum lună
  • Why aren’t you playing fortnite

    Sasha TorchettiSasha TorchettiAcum lună
  • Hi

    Tom Gold RunTom Gold RunAcum lună
  • Ninja season six is out for fortnight

    BisonBisonAcum lună
  • remember when ninja used to get millions of views every video in a day

    Mohammed KMohammed KAcum lună
    • Yu right but he has lots more of views throughout his livestream than what he used to have before

      ihatejayihatejayAcum lună
  • i like your videos man besides when u post shitnite

    Otaku VinerOtaku VinerAcum lună
  • tengo tu eskin en fornite

    Cota ArmentaCota ArmentaAcum lună
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    hanunijahanunijaAcum lună
  • I love ninja

    Reese LawrenceReese LawrenceAcum lună
  • I don't understand why he doesn't do fortnite. It's what he grew on, and he still gets decent veiws on his.fortmige vids

    YoJoYoJoAcum lună
  • Jett

    Home PhoneHome PhoneAcum lună
  • Fn 6 ?

    Deadlan 56Deadlan 56Acum lună
  • Play fortnite your skin was already out and you didnt even know now its a new season play something in fortnite

    legendARlegendARAcum lună
  • pls play one time fortnite

    Kaya YongaciKaya YongaciAcum lună
  • Ya

    Daniel ChavezDaniel ChavezAcum lună
  • Ninja please stream fortnite you're old player in fortnite and your skin in fortnite

    Mohammadali HaghighatMohammadali HaghighatAcum lună
  • Ninja Download the Fort night video You are a drag player, Play plaez, play Fort nighte

    Sxb FrlSxb FrlAcum lună
  • Ninja 💕I love you

    Sxb FrlSxb FrlAcum lună
    • The best American player is a Ninja💞💞💞

      Sxb FrlSxb FrlAcum lună
  • Ik I sound like a Fortnite kid when saying this but when are you going to try the new season of Fortnite. It’s actually fun.

    Eli BrownEli BrownAcum lună
  • I'm Latin American and I always watch your videos to a one that I don't understand what you talk about I know that many throw hate you and everything but always ban to see people who apo full thanks for being a great ROworldr thank you very much

    Toty 23diezToty 23diezAcum lună
  • Title: Sneaky cypher plays Ninja: Proceeds with first clip as astra

    Louis BegerLouis BegerAcum lună
  • pacuando el grito ese

  • Please 🙏 play fortinite

    jelena nikolic stefanovicjelena nikolic stefanovicAcum lună
  • I am Turkish but I love you

    Siyah Sapkalı AdamSiyah Sapkalı AdamAcum lună

    asfafaasfafaAcum lună
  • Yea ninja talking to player 3

    ThiagoSoccerCoolThiagoSoccerCoolAcum lună
  • Hi ninja

    ThiagoSoccerCoolThiagoSoccerCoolAcum lună

    Nicoh VillegasNicoh VillegasAcum lună
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    Joe RamirezJoe RamirezAcum lună
  • Please try play the free fire game 🥺 iloveyouu

    MkcikFIEEY FFMkcikFIEEY FFAcum lună
  • I would like to see ur reaction to season 6 fortnite

    Louis-Jacob BusqueLouis-Jacob BusqueAcum lună
  • Where is fortnite

    Nom1xNom1xAcum lună
  • Ninja I miss ur gameplay on fortnite

    Louis-Jacob BusqueLouis-Jacob BusqueAcum lună
  • He really fell off

    Brandon SamarooBrandon SamarooAcum lună
  • Damn you really fell off

    Charly OmegaCharly OmegaAcum lună
  • Ninja you ser the new fortinite seanson?

    Guilherme Lima Leite CesarGuilherme Lima Leite CesarAcum lună
  • "0:00" Happy to get from *VB2.ONLINE**

  • Who’s this meth head

    RC ManiaRC ManiaAcum lună
  • Play fort nite again

    Hassan RamadanHassan RamadanAcum lună
  • Ninja, you stopped playing Fortnite ?? Lol, I was kinda hoping for the new season 6 gameplay from u

    Shine Like a DiamondShine Like a DiamondAcum lună
  • can you play some fortnite because nobody like your valorant videos

    GILEGILEAcum lună
    • Fortnite is ass my guy

      Brandon SamarooBrandon SamarooAcum lună
  • Ninja in this one is looking more energetic and healthier, hope he's doing alright

    Spooky_SlayerSpooky_SlayerAcum lună
  • Ya boi

    shaurya codshaurya codAcum lună
  • Ninja your the best

    LilMiniNinja is a SimpLilMiniNinja is a SimpAcum lună
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    l'm sorryl'm sorryAcum lună
  • Pliss play fortnite

    Moppi GamerMoppi GamerAcum lună
  • Ninja is 100% T.O.X.I.C.

    G ZG ZAcum lună
  • You have divorce with fortnite?💔💔💔😾

  • This guy is actual cancer

    JekyllJekyllAcum lună
  • Im from indonesian bro, Be Your Self And Never Surender Bro.!

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  • I like the valorant content

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    Boyfriend GamerBoyfriend GamerAcum lună
  • Please

    Boyfriend GamerBoyfriend GamerAcum lună
  • Bro what about the new season in fortnite you are pretending that you don’t know or what’s happening💔

    moon omoon oAcum lună
    • Dug the game is dead let him be happy playing whatever he likes not what he doesn’t like.

      Alex MtzAlex MtzAcum lună
  • its the eren haircut mann thats why hes personality kinda sucked. but look now.. one haircut and i already feel like watching him is more fun now

    Aiman FarisAiman FarisAcum lună
  • Hi Ninja I love the videos 😀

    Ninja#sea of thievesNinja#sea of thievesAcum lună
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    Michael EbradaMichael EbradaAcum lună
  • Can you play fortnite new season came out

    Becky ParkBecky ParkAcum lună
  • You have the worst attitude of any streamer/you tuber I’ve ever seen. No wonder u have 24M subs and struggle to get 100k views

    Spencer ForestSpencer ForestAcum lună
  • Ninja is me daddy

    Nhi NgoNhi NgoAcum lună
  • 24 Million subs and only 130 k Views on every video holy shit ... without fortnite Ninja would be a no one! He literally made 8 million subs in 5 Months because of Fortnite in 2018... thats just crazy ! 2-3 years of streaming Fortnite made him a multimillionaire and now he isnt giving any fuck about this game ... Ninja is incredible ungrateful! Thats just sad

    KrayexKrayexAcum lună
  • Bruh its just incredible how Fortnite has changes Ninjas live ! This guy literally became a multimillionaire because of streaming a popular game for 2 years ... without fortnite he wouldnt even gave 5 mil subs and no one would have watched him... and now he is shitting on Fortnite ... never seen such an ungrateful person! He completely shits on his community

    KrayexKrayexAcum lună
  • Sharolant😂

    Itshack5kaletItshack5kaletAcum lună
  • LOL funny Tyler Ninja Pro & FRIENDS I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

    LitaLitaAcum lună
  • So he is only playing valorant now?

    El capitain AdelEl capitain AdelAcum lună
  • stop playing valorant its boring play fortnites new season 6

    Buff GuyBuff GuyAcum lună
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  • Fortnite is a new season 6 Chapter 2

    Gaming MichuGaming MichuAcum lună
  • You are in free fire character wolfrah

    Om KaramtaOm KaramtaAcum lună
  • Bot ninja 1 vs 1 me bot

  • ninja sucks i am watching this vid because it sucks

    Sonickiller 545Sonickiller 545Acum lună
  • Who need ninja to upload more fortnite?

    Gaming ArtGaming ArtAcum lună
  • Where is Fortnite

    Renchi '-'Renchi '-'Acum lună
  • Ninja, new update in Fortnite, Chapter 2 SEASON 6.

    MIGUEL Dominic RodriguezMIGUEL Dominic RodriguezAcum lună
    • Don’t think he cares but I’m pretty sure he would know.

      MrSparxMrSparxAcum lună